Chic and Shabby Knots: Understanding the Behaviour of Toddlers

Chic and Shabby Knots for Toddlers

Chic and Shabby Knots are the perfect kind of headbands r headbows for kids because they represent exactly what toddlers are. Toddlers can sometimes be cute and chic and sometimes they can ruin their clothes or outfit with stains from eating or playing around or whatever they come up with. That’s what makes them cute and endearing so why not. Cute and shabby knots are a kind of headband that is made from fine material and they come in different colors and styles. Some are also trimmed knots others are patterned knots, skinny bows, jersey knots and last but not least the classic knots. But besides knowing the right headbands to get for toddlers what else should parents and guardians know about toddlers?

Things Everyone Should Know About Toddlers

Toddlers Control Their Speech Differently


Research from different sources has discovered that toddlers hear themselves differently than adults and they do not monitor their voices or control their speech the same way that adults do.

Toddlers especially two-year-olds control their speech using different techniques and even though the here different nuances in adults speech like a change in tone, pitch, or pronunciation of vowels and consonants, they do not hear this differences and nuances in their own speech. SO put simply, toddlers do not listen to themselves talk. Read more about it here and also on Science Daily

Chic and Shabby Knots for Toddlers

Missed Naps Could Lead To Mood Disorders


Well, I guess this is true for adults, at least I know for me it’s true. Research has shown that when toddlers get deprived of their daily nap it can lead to mood disorders like anxiety, sadness, loss of interest in activities and slower brain activity during tasks. Toddlers are always excited to take part in new and exciting activities such as games, experiences, exploration, new toys etc. Research showed that kids that were deprived of naps showed less enthusiasm than kids that had their full naptime each day. Parents should ensure that they stick to a strict naptime regime with little room for breaking it. This will leave kids feeling refreshed both physically and mentally.

Studies have also shown that hyperactive kids are more likely to snore when they sleep. Not sure which comes first, the hyperactivity or the snoring but studies have shown there is a correlation between the two.

Toddlers are Very Impressionable

Chic and Shabby Knots for Toddlers


The mind of a child is innocent and beautiful and this makes them easy targets in a deceptive and not so beautiful world. Toddlers are more likely to succumb to peer pressure so if two or three of their friends or two or three other kids are doing a similar activity they are more likely to join in. Parents and guardians should keep this in mind when they put their kids in schools or playgroups. They will mimic what they are surrounded by so putting them in the right environment is crucial. This is another aspect of the argument of Nature versus Nurture. Nurture plays a big role in the upbringing of a child and even though you have no control of their child's environment when they re at home, you do not have that much control when they are away from you in school or the local playground. Ensuring they are in the right environment and being watched by responsible adults is one of the ways you can ensure their mental and physical safety.


Toddlers Have Great Memories


Babies and toddlers learn by watching and observing their environment and their memories are sharper than you think. Toddlers start to record memories sooner than earlier thought and from as little as two years, they can remember what they experienced. Years later a child can still recall memories of when they were two or two and a half years old. Parents should keep this in mind and not expose their kids to things that might traumatize them. Couples should not fight in front of their kids or raise their voices at the kids or anyone. These things affect kids when they grow up and might be logged in their sub-conscious which can lead to abnormal behaviors or trauma as adults.


Attention Seeking Kids are Better Learners

Chic and Shabby Knots for Toddlers 

I guess this is justification for all those of us who love attention. Studies have shown that kids who love attention and have a need to be noticed have a tendency to learn faster and become better collaborators when they get older. When a child gets a consistent response to their need for attention and gets positive affirmation they feel a greater need to learn faster, socialize and collaborate both socially and in school. If a child does something good or positive parents and guardians should not be selfish with praise. Parents, guardians, and teachers should help kids tackle new tasks and when they fail there should be taught that failure is a natural part of the process. Failure should not be ignored or treated like it does not exist and parents should not shelter kids from the negative consequences of things as it is a natural part of life. They should use it instead as a teaching moment for kids to help them grow into more wholesome and well-rounded individuals.


Kids Sometimes Are Selfish

 Chic and Shabby Knots for Toddlers

Kids being selfish is just part of their basic human nature and survival instincts. As they grow older they will become less selfish and more understanding of the values of sharing but as young toddlers, they may not be so understanding. Research studies have shown that kids were unable to resist the temptation to make selfish decisions on things that will benefit them but as they grow older they become more empathetic and understanding of the need to share and care for the feelings of others.